Run 169 Towns Society

1. Official Race – An official race is an outdoor event, no less than one mile in distance, open to the public, usually advertised by postings on major running related websites, (e.g., HitekRacing, Cool Running, RunningintheUSA, etc.)
An official race is timed and the results are usually posted publicly.
An official race will count for the town in which the start line is located.
An official race is usually organized / planned by (or for) an organization, agency, school, religious group, or charity from (or associated with) a particular town.
Note 1:  Invitational only and indoor events are not eligible for town credit.
Note 2:  Self timed and self-starting events are not eligible for town credit.
Note 3:  If an official race offers “Early” or “Late” start options, runners may avail themselves of those opportunities and may submit the town for credit as long as they are included in the official race results.
Note 4:  Historical exceptions include the Salmon River Race which starts in East Haddam, but counts as Colchester. The legendary nature and difficulty of the mid-January Jurale Tradition Run  allows it to count as Meriden town completion.

2. Race Participant – The participant must meet all the requirements of an official race (as described above) for town credit. These requirements are:
A. Complete race registration
B. Meet race entry requirements- e.g. fees, donations, waivers, etc.
C. Meet race identification requirements, e.g. bibs, timing chips, and/or other forms of participant identification.
D. Participant completion times must be included on official race results and are ideally posted on major running websites.
E. Complete at least 50% of the designated race distance abbreviated only due to injury, illness or unanticipated emergency.

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Below is a spreadsheet with races which are believed to be 169-eligible.  To be eligible, the race must be outdoors, be timed, and have results posted publicly (website, Facebook, newspaper, etc.).  If you know of a race which should be added to the sheet or if corrections need to be made, please e-mail or send a message to "Debticonn Schedule" via Facebook.
While runners may be reasonably assured that the information provided is correct, we can not wholly assure that it is so.  Please verify race information with race directors if you believe something is incorrect prior to registration.
Please refer to the "Key" tab in red at the bottom of the spreadsheets for formatting details.

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