Run 169 Towns Society

Founders, Queens, and Kings 
1. Ratify Votes  
2. Grant Exceptions 
3. Sign, authenticate and present achievement and appreciation awards 
4. Strive to uphold Membership adherence to Society Policies and Procedures 

Board of Directors (Founders, Queens & Kings, Active Officers) 
1. Ethics 
2. Financial matters 
3. Publicity 
4. Advertising 
5. Posting 
6. Sanctions 
7. Awards 

1. Perform specialized and valuable voluntary service for the Society. 
2. Serve on the Board of Directors. 

Town Ambassadors
1. Spread good will among runners from their respective areas 
2. Notify the Society of local official race events not posted in widely circulated racing calendars 

Vested Members 
1. Have completed 85 or more towns and been a member in good standing for six months or longer. 
2. Vote on matters raised to or by the Board of Directors. 

1. Show up and run (or walk) an official race in every Connecticut town. 
2. Submit qualified town completions in a timely manner. 
3. Respect the Society’s Mission, Participant Requirements and Policies & Procedures. 

Run 169 Towns Society – Webpage outline of Duties and Responsibilities – updated Feb. 24,  2017 



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