Click the header to sort.  Also Scroll down to see all the members. The table below shows towns that each member got credit for. This table is continuously getting updated so some of the towns that members have submitted may not have been posted yet. You can also download the table below by clicking the Excel icon at the bottom right on the table. 

Tracking Races: Members should keep track of their completed towns using the tools provided on the website. Additional methods for group tracking are being worked on at this time. The most reliable way to track towns is by your own preferred method.

Please use this form in the link below to contact us for the following changes to the spreadsheet: removing towns, updating name, updating town of residence.

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If you are missing towns or need to add new towns, please us the Submit Race form (

Members who raced in all 169 towns.



To scroll the member's list click any where that is blue, and then scroll up, down, or sideways. You can also sort the file.

Member's Ranking: The ranking status is initially based on the highest total number of towns completed. In case of a tie the person with the least posted virtuals will prevail. If a tie still persists, then the person who first achieved the higher number prevails. Otherwise the tie will be broken by alphabetical order. If you need to submit a new town for credit, please visit "Submit Race" page.

Below are Run 169 Towns Society Members, or Click here for direct link to Excel