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Date Completed 169 Towns

1. QueenKarenRogersLedyard - November 6, 2011
2. KingBobDavisAshford - February 26, 2012
3. KingPaulRabenoldSherman - May 23, 2015
4. KingBenMattheisFranklin - August 30, 2015
5. QueenJanitRomayko

Beacon Falls - October 11, 2015

6. KingSteveMeleMorris - Jan 10, 2016
7. KingRichardZbrozek

Morris - Jan 10, 2016

8. KingBrianWalkerAshford - Sept 3, 2016
9. KingTomWalshBozrah - Sept 24, 2016
10. QueenLesleyFearnleyWilton - Oct 16, 2016
11. KingJohnMinervino

Canaan - Nov 5, 2016

12. KingSteveMayoLedyard - May 13, 2017

Run in every County in Connecticut Achievement Award 2015:For those members that wish to compete and receive recognition for running in all Counties each year you may submit the race of your choice for each County that you have completed by going to "Submit County"page.  
Click the header to sort.  Also Scroll down to see all the members. The table below shows towns that each member got credit for. This table is continuously getting updated so some of the towns that members have submitted may not have been posted yet. You can also download the table below by clicking the Excel icon at the bottom right on the table. 

Member's Ranking: The ranking status is initially based on the highest total number of towns completed. In case of a tie the person with the least posted virtuals will prevail. If a tie still persists, then the person who first achieved the higher number prevails. Otherwise the tie will be broken by alphabetical order. If you need to submit a new town for credit, please visit "Submit Race" page.
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