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"All You Have To Do Is Show Up And Run"


Do Every Blessed Town in Connecticut (DEBTiConn), otherwise called the Run 169 Towns Society, is a group of runners formed by women and men who aspire to run a race in every town in the State of Connecticut.

Realizing that racing successfully in every Connecticut town may be a lifetime accomplishment, provided below are a set of definitions to recognize and validate runners’ attempts to achieve this goal. Ultimately, it is the runner, not the Society, which determines the obtainment of this achievement.


1. Towns – There are 169 towns in Connecticut. Most towns contain several villages. Completion of races within two or more villages of the same town constitutes completion of only one town. Listings and a map of official Connecticut towns are available on the DEBTiConn website and other Internet sources.

2. Official Race – An official race is an outdoor event, no less than one mile in distance, open to the public, usually advertised in newspapers , flyers, postings on major running related websites (e.g., HitekRacing, CoolRunning, RunningintheUSA,), race management companies web sites and/or town web sites.

-An official race is timed and the results are usually posted publicly.

-An official race will count for the town in which the start line is located.

-An official race is usually organized / planned by (or for) a charity or cause, an organization, agency, school, religious group associated with a particular town.

-The run portion of duathlons or triathlons may be counted toward town completion based upon the town in which the run begins.

-Relay races in which each participant completes at least 1 mile per segment are eligible for credit based on the start line in which the race began.

3.  Race Participant – A race participant should register for the event and complete the race distance. The participant should complete at least 50% of the designated race distance abbreviated only due to injury, illness or unanticipated emergency.  

4. Queens and Kings – Those members who have completed an official race in each of the Connecticut’s 169 towns.

5. Goodwill Officers - Members voluntarily performing valuable and specific services for the Society are often needed. Officers are voted upon to service the Society by their peers.

6.  Vested Members – Individuals who have been in the Society for at least six months and have completed 85 or more towns. Vested members are seen as leaders in the Society and should remain in good standing.

7.  Emeritus Status - Members of the group who are unable, or no longer wish, to engage in Society activities are designated as "Emeritus”. These include the Founders of the Society as of 10/3/18 per their request.